Regenerate at the Cellular Level to awaken your greatest empowerment!
(without expensive supplements, controversial diets, or stacks of self-help books)

A Year of Evolution
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Cellular Consciousness for the New Human

Regenerate at the Cellular Level to awaken your greatest empowerment!
(without expensive supplements, controversial diets, or stacks of self-help books)

Sheila Cash
You are one Guided Journey away from a New You.
Wouldn’t it be incredible if you could truly appreciate your body, heal negative emotions and attain the wholeness that comes from a strong mind-body connection?

What if you were able to listen closely to your cells for clear clues, understand your personal balance points, and feel happy on a regular basis?

Imagine if you were sleeping like a baby every night, gliding through your day with increased concentration, and living continuously in a high level of vibration. But instead… you’re feeling sluggish, hopping from one supplement to the other and you’re still hurting more than ever.  

What would you release if you could?
What new inspirations would you instill, if you could?
After years of trying different types of alternative and holistic practices, I know how hard finding that true mind-body connection can be... 
 Missing that elusive link in your connections with yourself, your health and your inner peace

 Feeling regret over missed opportunities, unsaid conversations, and unmet dreams

 Being plagued with stress, worry, and anxiety about the decisions you face

Holding onto shame, anger and guilt from the past

Lacking self-acceptance, being overly critical of yourself and never feeling good enough
That’s all about to change...
Cellular Consciousness for the New Human. 
A transformative year-long group program. 
It consists of weekly live focus meditations that will lead you through journeys into mind-body consciousness at the cellular level. 
Transformational follow up sessions allow you to release the old programming and anchor your highest intentions
This program will:
Create a profound sense of centering, groundedness and connection to your body, your mind and your spiritual pathway like you may never have had before
Reduce aging through supreme stress reduction
Help you manage symptoms of conditions such as anxiety, depression, sleep problems and more through a deep communion with your cells at a micro-level
Change your perceptions in life for a new sense of empowerment
Imagine that:
You could heal emotions around body hatred and your own self-image, and actually experience genuine appreciate for what your body has done for you all your life
You were so in tune with your body and what it needs that you could avoid expensive supplements and lengthy exercise routines, and break unhealthy lifestyle habits
You were easily able to slow down aging and all the effects that come with it through your new thoughts, beliefs and emotions
You finally released the old perceptions that held you back and anchored fresh new inspiring intentions at the cellular level
You could manifest health, peace, and happiness with ease
You experienced a new level of Spiritual Awakening - a new paradigm in consciousness and self-acceptance at the cellular level
This is exactly how your life could look if you work with me.

Cellular Consciousness for the New Human is a life-changing, in-depth program based on epigenetics and neuroplasticity for dedicated individuals who want to practice mind-body communication to experience self-healing, ageless consciousness and deep personal empowerment
Part 1 - Weekly live online immersions
Your sessions will consist of two formats:
First, you will be taken on a Cellular Focus Meditation as you lie back and relax - these are guided meditation and gratitude infusions that will focus on a specific system of the body (i.e. Adrenals/Stress, Lymph/Immunity, Liver/Detox, Endocrine/Hormones, etc.). 
Next, you get to immerse in Transformational Empowerment Practices - these live sessions with Sheila are a discovery into transforming perceptions held in the cells and then anchoring your renewing inspirations
These deep somatic guided journeys also include breathing practices, theta meditations, profound gratitude infusion, and fusing your mind-cellular connection for profound sensory awareness.
Consistent practice holds the greatest key to true transformation at the cellular level.
In this program, we will create the most optimized conditions for you to consciously direct your life through cutting edge somatic practices based on research from the fields of epigenetics and neuroplasticity.
Part 2 - The Community
We invite you to be a part of our warm and welcoming community of like-minded evolutionaries - new humans. Here, you will:
Gather with other members for collective inspiration and encouragement
Have the opportunity to work with live practice partners
Process with others who share a resonance for this work
Opt in with accountability partners for ongoing practice during the weekdays
Enter into powerful synergistic group anchoring meditations
Visit our Facebook page for learning more about the science of epigenetics, sharing insights and experiences, and participating in book discussions.

Cellular Consciousness for the New Human will teach you how to:
Increase neuroplasticity — the brain’s ability to use new experiences or environments to create structural changes
Shift the chemistry that directs your cells based on your beliefs and intentions
Create the conditions that make great health and empowerment possible
Live in an ageless consciousness
Learn to trust your body again
Heal emotions around body hatred and self-image for a brand new relationship with yourself
Transform your perceptions around emotions to positive intentions
Discover inner peace at the cellular level

Sharpen your discernment of what is true for you in the now in order to release past social programming that is blocking your future
Change your old story of being disconnected and powerless in daily life to a new reality of resonance and authentic empowerment
Develop sensory awareness of your cells and systems for clear clues of what is needed
Communicate with many different systems of your body - Immune, Circulatory, Metabolism, Hormonal, Nervous, Lymphatic, Endocrine and many more
Work with the Chinese Organs-Emotions chart to program new health intentions
Become keenly aware of the incredible level of support that your body gives you in every now moment
Attune with your Inner Authority
...and most significantly, finally build the daily habit of transformation 
through consistency of practice within a supportive community!
Here’s how Cellular Consciousness for the New Human is different from 
anything you might have seen or tried before:
Many self-empowerment programs start, and stay, at the surface dealing with obvious issues - trouble with weight loss, lack of sleep, stress - yet they avoid getting to the subconscious programming at the cellular level. This will continue to cause the never-ending cycle of jumping from one program to the next, one book to the next, and one seminar to the next without any real progress. Cellular Consciousness for the New Human addresses your whole self at the intra-cellular level. This enables you to get off the emotional (and expensive) roller coaster of self-help programs and finally embody the empowerment you’ve been craving.

Cellular Consciousness for the New Human isn’t just another feel-good, woo-woo program. It is rooted in science with comprehensive elements woven into the program that dovetail with each other to cover many angles of transformation.

Working with subconscious programming and changing perceptions takes consistent and dedicated practice. Cellular Consciousness for the New Human stays with you for a full year, consistently guiding and supporting your personally directed transformation.
I’ve worked with hundreds of individuals, and where I’ve seen their “self-help” efforts fall flat is where they fail to take responsibility for themselves at every level. 
There is much emphasis on connecting with others and connecting with the Universe, but we can’t bring effective spiritual balance to relationships outside of ourselves until we are able to connect with and balance our inner selves.
As you work with me to meditate, regenerate, heal and shift your negative beliefs, you will begin to know the true source energy from the evolutionary impulse eye-to-eye. Clients have repeatedly told me that I took years off of their quest for practices that resonated at this level.

But don’t just take my word for it:

"...Sheila is your steady guide."
“Sheila is a natural teacher and mentor with an unusual ability to encourage growth and expansion by bringing out the best in others, and in doing so, continually demonstrates the greatest expression of her own higher self. Sheila meets you exactly where you're at and serves as a steady guide and companion as you explore your own conscious awareness. Her non-judgmental, high-vibrational perspective allows for the deepest exploration of transformation that one is ready for. I've worked with Sheila in many groups over the years and can say that I have both witnessed and experienced profound shifts in conscious evolution and personal growth. Sheila's approach to teaching and her students sets a momentum forward that is invaluable on the path of anyone seeking personal transformation and an immersion in a light-filled life journey.” 
Dr. Joshua Kai
"...You'll learn about your abilities..."
“Sheila was the best leader I ever had the pleasure of working with. She had a sense of organization, knowing just what to do and how to do it. She guided you to know more about your abilities than any other teacher I’ve been with over the years. I’m more confident in my abilities and I owe that to my time with Sheila. Just seeing her smiling face gave me a sense of love and compassion. There is something about her energy that makes you feel good about yourself. I learned so much from her. 
My sessions with Sheila really opened my eyes to the way the world works. I owe so much to Sheila, I could never repay her enough for the positive effect she has had on my life.” 
Janie Daum
"...Astounding knowledge!"
“Sheila's astounding knowledge bridges many schools of thought and she delivers her wisdom in a way that is easy to follow and understand. Her views, while some may see as "pushing the envelope", are destined to become universal as more and more people accept, understand and experience conscious evolution. She raises questions and ideas that haven't traditionally been discussed in mass media, but they should and will become mainstream.”
C.G. in Virginia
"...Navigating life successfully..."
“Sheila Cash has created a guidebook for leaving your cultural conditioning behind so you can successfully navigate the road to your true purpose."
Mindy Crary
"...Loving and enlightened mentorship..."
 “Sheila Cash was my spiritual development mentor. She led seminars in consciousness that I participated in, focused on universal consciousness and evolution. They always left this participant, and I am sure others, feeling enlightened. Sheila has a warm, welcoming and connecting presence that exudes love. Her connection to the universal consciousness is a deep and positive gift that she is well practiced and competent at communicating with others. Now luckily for us, she can share this gift with all humanity.”
 - Kitty Monroe
"...Helped to shape my own spiritual practices..."
“Sheila is a wealth of knowledge and she guided me with activities and discussions that helped me learn more about my own beliefs and values. She truly cares about her students and gently helping to guide them when they need support.
My work with Sheila helped me form my own basis for what I believe in the realms of consciousness and conscious evolution. That has become the foundation of my spiritual practices. Sheila's warmth and accepting nature has made me feel more confident in the development of my own skills. She creates an environment that is very conducive to learning and growing.”
Melissa Fundanish
You could go to a mindset coach and spend anywhere from $1000 - $25,000+ and have little to show for it besides a high credit card bill and more frustration.

You could continue to feel productive by buying more “self-help” books, yet still not see any true and lasting progress in your personal development.

You could continue to treat your physical ailments with supplements, your emotional ailments with food and be in the exact same place this time next year.

Change will not happen for you until you commit to change.
The benefits of Cellular Consciousness for the New Human can only be yours, 
if you take action to make it happen. Inertia won’t get you there. 

It’s time.

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Q: How many sessions are conducted during the year?
A: A minimum of 40 sessions will be conducted throughout the calendar year. There will be weeks off for holidays and seasonal breaks. Additional sessions may be added for special guests from time to time as well.

Q: I think this program is great, but how do I know the price is worth it?
A: For $499, you can buy 20 “self-help” books but still remain in the same place as you are now. You could hire a therapist for a few sessions or a coach for two sessions, or you could have an entire year of support with groundbreaking practices in epigenetics and create lasting change in your life. 

Q: Since this is a group program, won’t it be awkward for me to work through some personal issues?
A: While you have the ability to follow the meditations and transformation session with guided instructions on your own, we are far more successful when transforming with others who are transforming. We’ve found that having the program inside a supportive community increases the effectiveness of your journey. 

Q: I’ve tried meditation apps and other programs before and it didn’t work, how is this any different?
A: These guided journeys in body consciousness are about empowering yourself at the source of your energy. Being in the now moment, at the cellular level of your consciousness during our practices on a consistent basis will release the potency of old programming, create the space for your new programming, and put you on a whole new path forward. In addition, the meditations alternate with Transformational Empowerment Practices. This is much more powerful than any app on your phone. 

Q: What if I can't attend live?
A: While transformation occurs more solidly by consistently showing up, all session replays will be available as well as a full instruction guide to actively process through on your own for those days when you can't join live.

Q: What if I come into the group on a date that falls between the Cellular Focus Meditation and the Transformational Empowerment Practice?  
A: You may access the Cellular Focus Mediation and listen to it during your own meditation time. Then you will follow the guided instructions on file to prepare yourself for the practice session coming up.

Q: Can I get a refund?
A: No refunds will not be given due to members having full access to all of the sessions for the annual dates of your membership. For example, if you join on March 17th, your membership will be active through March 16 of the following year. Each new session will be added to the Member Library as it occurs. This way, you can pick and choose to revisit dozens of sessions throughout the year.

Q Do you offer financing?
A: PayPal offers financing which you can choose upon payment. Click the button to join, and you can choose your payment method.
Q: How do the calls take place?
A: The gatherings take place on the Maestroconference platform as teleconferences. This platform allows us to break into small groups, partners, or all share together. It also prevents the distraction of video during our deep meditations and practices. You may incur charges from your telephone service provider based on your plan. International access numbers are available.

Q: How can I reach Customer Support?
A: Please email our Support Team at
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Join Sheila Cash in 
Cellular Consciousness for the New Human for $499
before the price goes up to full price at $999!

Choose Your Payment...
Choose Your Monthly Payment with PayPal Credit. Get the first 6 months at 0% interest with no payments due. Payments as little as $40 per month for more than 6 months.
$40 / mo
Choose PayPal Credit at checkout. Get 6 months at 0% interest with no payments due. Payments as little as $84 per month.

$84 / mo
Make a single payment of $499.

Sheila Cash
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